FAQ with the Bozeman Curling Club

FAQ with the Bozeman Curling Club

1. Why all the yelling?

For many viewers, the sweeping - and shouting - is the most entertaining aspect. “When you’re watching the curlers sweep, you can really see how much energy they’re putting into it and how intense it is. Usually the more important the shot is, or the closer they get to making it, the louder the skip is gonna’ yell.

2. Who gets to sweep?

Two  players on a team alternate sweeping the length of the sheet, while one player deliver’s the stone and one player (Skip) holds a broom as a target to aim at. The Bozeman Curling Club (BCC) provides brooms for beginners.

3. What does sweeping do?

Sweeping cannot make a rock move faster, only farther! Sweeping can also impact how much a stone curls. The more you sweep, the straighter a stone will travel.

4. How many players on each team?

Games are 4 vs. 4. However, some teams in recreational curling have up to 6 members on each team and they sub out after each end.

5. Who gets to throw a stone?

Each player throws 2 stones.

6. How heavy are the stones?

Between 42#-44#. But you never pick them up - only slide them across the ice. The BCC provides all the stones too.

7. Are there different points for the different colored rings?

No. The scoring really is simple: You want to come closer to a bulls-eye than your opponent when all the stones are thrown. In curling terms: The team with the stones closest to the center of the button when the end is finished gets a point for each stone.

8. Do you wear skates or special shoes?

Yes. Curling shoes have special curling soles. The left and right soles are different. One is a sliding sole made of Teflon. The other is a gripping sole, designed to increase traction. The BCC Club provides beginners with grippers and sliders to be worn over your clean footwear.

9. Do you shake hands with your opponents?

Yes! Before and after every game. If you won the game, it is customary to offer to buy your opponent (same position as you) a drink. If you lost the game, offer to reciprocate after the first drink.

10. Is there a referee?

No. The sport is governed by the spirit of curling: Printed on page 1 of the World Curling Federation’s official rule book, “the spirit of curling” acts as an honor code, a kind of philosophical creed for players of the game: “Curlers play to win, but never to humble their opponents. A true curler never attempts to distract opponents, nor to prevent them from playing their best, and would prefer to lose rather than to win unfairly. ... While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct.”

BONUS: When can you try?

The next public Learn to Curl will be held during our Curling Bonanza Extravaganza: Curling Expo held on February 25th, an all afternoon curling event. Come throw a stone, or take an entire class! The afternoon will end watching the women’s Olympic championship at a local bar to be selected.

Learn more at http://www.bozemancurlingclub.com/

One Home

For many in our community, Haynes Pavilion and the Ice Barn have become a second home.

Youth and adults alike, from all walks of life, are enjoying the benefits of figure skating, hockey, curling and more. Perhaps most importantly, they are building relationships and skills that are bigger than the activity they participate in. Things like learning to get up when they fall, how to effectively communicate with teammates and coaches, respect and understanding for decisions by referees and judges, and that they are part of a community where everyone is valued and welcome.

The experiences and skills that ice users earn will benefit their personal and professional relationships, enhance their physical and mental health, and will give them experience as a committed and contributing community member.  

We at the Gallatin Ice Foundation are not only proud to be leading fundraising efforts to expand the Ice Barn, but that we are part of the collective effort that is providing more opportunities for members of our community to learn, grow and play with one another. We feel incredible gratitude for our ice family and the home our two rinks have created.

Please consider making a year-end donation to the Gallatin Ice Foundation. Your gift will make a lifelong impact on members of our community for generations to come.

Two Rinks

On Jan. 12 we opened the doors to Ressler Motors Ice Rink at the Ice Barn adjacent to Haynes Pavilion, right in the heart of Bozeman. In addition to doubling refrigerated ice capacity, the Ice Barn has created more opportunities for participation and program development for ice enthusiasts of all ages and interests.

The convenience of having two rinks side-by-side has also provided more opportunities for the ice community to connect with one another. Curlers, figure skaters, and hockey players are learning more about each other. Youth are being mentored by more coaches, experienced athletes, and specialists. And families are expanding as they interact and share experiences with other parents, grandparents, and siblings. 

So... Are two rinks better than one? 

  • Ask the public who have 35% more public skating opportunities.
  • Ask the figure skaters who have more than 35% more ice time.
  • Ask the curlers who now have reliable and reserved ice time, curling houses, a home bonspiel competition, and have doubled their membership.
  • Ask the youth hockey players who have new home tournaments and added 60 minutes of ice time each week.
  • Ask the women, over 40 year olds and never-ever hockey players who now have leagues of their own.
  • Ask our neighboring restaurants, shops, and hotels who are welcoming more people through their doors to eat, shop and sleep.

We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed to make the second rink possible; we couldn't do this without you. And for those who have the capacity, we ask for continued support as we enter our next phase to insulate the Ice Barn. Insulation will give us the opportunity to further expand our ice season and improve both the user and spectator experience.

Consider a year-end gift to the Gallatin Ice Foundation to support the expansion of the Ice Barn - an incredible public asset that serves our community today, and will do so well into the future. Give today to support insulating the Ice Barn, because two rinks are better than one.

Four Seasons

Bozeman and its surrounding communities in southwest Montana are defined in part by long, cold winters and the enthusiastic embrace of an active lifestyle. This past January, the Gallatin Ice Foundation opened the doors to the Ice Barn - a facility that exemplifies the cold and active spirit of our communities. For its inaugural 3-month season, the Ice Barn welcomed hundreds of participants and supporters to enjoy a myriad of activities on Ressler Motors Ice Rink. From curling to sled hockey, to figure skating and hockey, our newest facility made an incredible impact on the lives of community members of all ages.

With improvements made during the summer, we were able to add two months to the 2017-2018 season for a total of 5 ½ months of on-ice programming in the Ice Barn. Already we are hearing incredible feedback from those benefiting from new and extended opportunities, and we are welcoming lots of new faces to our ice family.

Because of that feedback we are more determined than ever to further extend the capacity of Ressler Motors Ice Rink. Insulating the Ice Barn will allow our community to immediately benefit from programming on Ressler Motors Ice Rink for an extended period of time, spanning all four seasons of the year.

By doing so, we see incredible opportunities, including: 

  • Hosting specialized clinics and camps bringing in outside competition and coaches.  
  • Youth participants will be able to practice and train on ice year-round, making them more competitive with those in other regions of the US and Canada.
  • New leagues during every season - so you don't have to decide between football and hockey, or skiing and curling.   

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, participants will benefit year-round from the valuable support and relationships they have with teammates, coaches, and fans. 

Further extending the Ice Barn season will sustain and expand the health benefits, community relationships, and local economic development that ice-based recreation currently brings to our winter months. Give today to support insulating the Ice Barn, because community shouldn't be seasonal.

Fundraising Advisory Committee and Staff Updates

Happy Wednesday! Last month, we shared the facility improvements that were made during the off-season and that we had officially completed construction of Phase II of the Ice Barn project. Today, we wanted to share a few updates as it relates to Phase III and our next big fundraising push:

First, we are thrilled to announce Pete Geddes as Chair of GIF's Fundraising Advisory Committee. Pete is the Managing Director of the American Prairie Reserve and has served as a valuable member of both the GIF and BAHA Board of Director's for nearly a decade. While Pete has remained involved as an Ex-Officio Board Member for the GIF for the past two years - we are thrilled to have is experience guiding our fundraising efforts in a more formal way moving forward. 

We've also made a few tweaks to our staff duties to better align our time and energy with our strategic goals. Moving forward, Chelsea will be serving as our Campaign Director - leading fundraising efforts for Phase III; and Anna will be serving as our Director of Special Projects - overseeing all aspects of the 8th annual Gloves Off Gala, facility advertising sales, and daily operations. 

We are excited about these subtle changes and believe they will allow us to be most effective as we look to further extend the Ice Barn season. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Or feel free to stop by our office - which we affectionately call "the Cabin" - located just east of the entrance to Haynes Pavilion!


Chelsea and Anna

Facility Improvements

With ice returning to the Ice Barn in a few short weeks, we thought we'd share with you some of the facility improvements that were made during the off-season. These improvements were facilitated and funded by the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association, who manages rink operations, from increased operating revenue made possible in part by Ressler Motors Ice Rink last season.

Improvements that will be most visible to our users, include:

- Two digital locker room schedules

- Improved rubber flooring in the Ice Barn lobby and bathrooms

- Tiled showers in both bathrooms in the Ice Barn

- Automatic door closers on all locker room doors (so they will stay warmer)

Several other improvements that may not be as visible, but are very helpful for day-to-day operations, include:

- Improved sound system

- Digital controls for refrigeration system

- Radiant loop for Zamboni driveway (to reduce ice buildup)

Thank you BAHA for providing excellent stewardship of our rinks and of these dollars! We are grateful for you leadership.

With Phase II officially complete, the GIF has turned our eye to insulating the building so that the Ice Barn will be able to operate as a refrigerated ice arena year-round. In addition to an extended season, insulation will allow our facility to be more energy efficient and enhance the user and spectator experience. We spent the summer thoughtfully planning a set of strategies and tactics which will guide our activities for Phase III fundraising, and look forward to sharing details of that plan with you throughout the next few months.

Thank you for standing (skating, curling) alongside of us as we look to bring year-round ice to Bozeman once again! If you want to learn more about the project or how you can make a tax-deductible donation to the GIF, please contact us! 


Anna and Chelsea

Rendezvous at the Rink

We are looking forward to Rendez-Vous at the Rink on Saturday, Oct. 7 (details below). It's a great event for all ages and abilities - so don't be shy. Bonus... attendees will get free admission to the Montana State University Hockey Club's game against Boise State immediately following the event at 3:30 p.m. And if you are really committed to a full day of ice, join us for one more event as the Icedogs take on Great Falls in their first home game of the season.


Anna and Chelsea