1. When will the new rink be open to the public?

We expect to open Ressler Motors Ice Rink to the public for a 3-month season on Jan. 2, 2017. A Grand Opening Celebration is planned for Jan. 12-14!

2. Ice Barn or Ressler Motors Ice Rink, which one is it?

The proper name for the new rink and facility is Ressler Motors Ice Rink at the Ice Barn. Ressler Motors purchased the naming rights for the ice rink, while naming rights for the facility are still available!

3. What is included in Phase IIB and will the project be completely finished at opening date? 

Phase IIB includes connecting Haynes Pavilion and the Ice Barn, installing the refrigerated rink and slab floor, enclosing the building, two permanent bathrooms and temporary locker rooms. When complete, it will offer seasonal ice up to 7-months (similar to Haynes Pavilion). See rendering below. More work will be needed to fully complete the Ice Barn project.


4. What else needs to be done to complete the Ice Barn project in its entirety?

Future improvements, which will be funded by ice revenue and continued fundraising, will include insulating the building, permanent locker rooms and seating, a central entry, lobby and concessions, and administration offices. We anticipate these improvements to cost around $2 million.

5. When will we have year-round ice?

The short answer to this is, as soon as the building is fully insulated and it is financially sustainable to operate during the summer months. 

6. How much money has been raised and how much has been financed?

Since the 'Raise the Ice Barn' campaign kicked off in 2011, the GIF has raised more than $3.2 million in cash and pledges. Additionally, we received a $912,000 bond from Gallatin County for Phase I and financing totaling $2.9 million from a consortium of local banks for Phase II.

7. What is the long-range parking plan?

The Gallatin County Fairgrounds recently installed a 650-stall gravel parking lot straight North of the existing paved lot currently being utilized by our ice community. It is their intent to continue working on the finish of this lot, with the South end of the lot taking paving priority. Because the future entry to the ice complex will be north facing, the GIF and BAHA will be working with the Fairgrounds to build a paved drop-off pathway on the North side of Haynes Pavilion and the Ice Barn.

Have more questions? Contact Chelsea at chelsea@gallatinicefoundation.org