The Gallatin Ice Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have secured the building permits that will allow for construction to continue on Phase IIB of the Ice Barn project. Phase IIB will result in our community of more than 2,500 ice users to be skating on Ressler Motors Ice Rink as early as Jan. 2, 2017!

This construction phase will include: completion of the structure that will connect Haynes Pavilion and the Ice Barn, enclosing the building, refurbishing the ice plant, installation of the refrigerated rink and slab, two permanent restrooms and four interim locker rooms. When this step is complete, the facility will offer seasonal skate-able ice (up to 7 months).

The Planning Team and I wanted to share our appreciation for your patience as we navigated the reality of a complex phased project and the Valley's booming construction climate. We developed a budget and maintain an obligation to be fiscally responsible to the organization and our donors. While it took us a little longer than expected, we are proud that the numbers came in where we needed them and that the end result will be a second sheet of skate-able ice. We would like to extend our appreciation to Martel Construction and various subcontractors for their efforts in negotiating nearly $500,000 in cost reductions after the project went out for its initial bid in early July in order to meet our budget targets.

Big Sky Western Bank, Rocky Mountain Bank and First Interstate Bank have joined together to assist with financing aspects for continuation of the project.  In addition, we have also secured donations to purchase a scoreboard, dasher board and glass package and second ice resurfacing machine, totaling close to $300,000. This is an incredible boost to our efforts and we continue to be humbled by the generosity of our donors.

This is an exciting time for our community and we look forward to sharing our progress with you over the next several months. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Chelsea Williams,