With ice returning to the Ice Barn in a few short weeks, we thought we'd share with you some of the facility improvements that were made during the off-season. These improvements were facilitated and funded by the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association, who manages rink operations, from increased operating revenue made possible in part by Ressler Motors Ice Rink last season.

Improvements that will be most visible to our users, include:

- Two digital locker room schedules

- Improved rubber flooring in the Ice Barn lobby and bathrooms

- Tiled showers in both bathrooms in the Ice Barn

- Automatic door closers on all locker room doors (so they will stay warmer)

Several other improvements that may not be as visible, but are very helpful for day-to-day operations, include:

- Improved sound system

- Digital controls for refrigeration system

- Radiant loop for Zamboni driveway (to reduce ice buildup)

Thank you BAHA for providing excellent stewardship of our rinks and of these dollars! We are grateful for you leadership.

With Phase II officially complete, the GIF has turned our eye to insulating the building so that the Ice Barn will be able to operate as a refrigerated ice arena year-round. In addition to an extended season, insulation will allow our facility to be more energy efficient and enhance the user and spectator experience. We spent the summer thoughtfully planning a set of strategies and tactics which will guide our activities for Phase III fundraising, and look forward to sharing details of that plan with you throughout the next few months.

Thank you for standing (skating, curling) alongside of us as we look to bring year-round ice to Bozeman once again! If you want to learn more about the project or how you can make a tax-deductible donation to the GIF, please contact us! 


Anna and Chelsea