Pete Geddes.jpg

Pete Geddes, Ex-Officio


What's your day job?  By day I am a managing director at American Prairie Reserve where I am responsible for strategic leadership, fundraising, and organizational development.

You are now an ex-officio board member. What other positions have you held within BAHA and GIF?  I have served as youth hockey director, board member and president of BAHA and as a board member of GIF.

What keeps you involved with this project?  Communities like ours function better when people dedicated to them step forward and engage. Julie and I have raised our three sons in Bozeman and are grateful for the hard work of others before us who help make this such a fantastic place to call home.

Why do you think it's important for our community to have expanded ice capacity?  In many other places recreational opportunities are provided by city and county governments. It is simply our reality that expanding such offerings here frequently fall to volunteer groups such as GIF. While perhaps more of a heavy lift, when finished these efforts are deeply satisfying, at least to me.

Any final thoughts?  I am so pleased to be involved with this decade long effort and thankful to all those who have stepped up to make this possible. We're well over the fifty yard line and I look forward to celebrating with everyone in the end zone.