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Tim Stefan, board Member

Contact: tastefan@aol.com

What's your day job?  Architect

How did you get introduced to the GIF and how long have you been involved?  I've been involved since inception. I was on the BAHA Board of Directors when the Valley Ice Garden closed. BAHA immediately had an increased demand for ice time and it directly affected ice time available for the kids program. A group of BAHA members got together and formulated plans to build another ice sheet. That group evolved into GIF.

Why do you think this project is important? The second ice sheet opens more ice time for kids programs to grow at home. My hope is the additional ice will allow BAHA to develop local skating programs that won't require so much weekend travel, allowing skating families to enjoy what Bozeman winters offer.

Any final thoughts?  I'm impressed with the sense of family BAHA creates. It is a family that appreciates what it takes to make a program successful and proud. I'm honored to be on the GIF board to help BAHA and other user groups grow their family and expand their programs.